Revolutionizing Image Management

SPECTOR INgest is an advanced software moduledesigned to enhance how you handle imaging data. This powerful tool enables you to import bothhistorical and new photographs efficiently,automating the cropping and structuring processes with AI technology. Now, managing your core images is simpler and faster, making them easily searchable and accessible from anywhere.

What an image looks like in Ingest, before we run the AI on it to predict the boxes

After this image has been processed
by Ingest AI

Image Management
Powered by AI

SPECTOR INgest is an AI-enhanced software module that boosts productivity by automating the import and organization of photographic data. This powerful tool ensures consistency in data handling and enhances collaboration through streamlined sharing features.
Designed for mining professionals and geologists, SPECTOR INgest transforms core image management, making it an essential component for efficient and accurate geological work.

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