Core Logging, Redefined

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An AI tool that seamlessly segments the core, pinpointing areas of broken core, fractures, voids, blocks, and more. It automatically computes common geotechnical parameters, such as Rock Quality Designation (RQD) and fracture count, enhancing the reliability, consistency, and reproducibility of your data.

Geological Logging

Our interface allows for logging core samples using high-quality, structured row images, facilitating comparisons among team members and supporting auditing processes. Enhanced with predictive AI assistance, it improves the logging workflow and supports remote work capabilities.


SPECTOR Geo seamlessly integrates with platforms such as acQuire and Leapfrog, enabling effortless data integration across systems.

Project Management

This feature enhances team collaboration and project management by streamlining data management processes. It allows users to easily share insights, track project progress, and maintain data integrity across all stages of their work, ensuring that everyone stays on the same page and projects move forward efficiently.

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AI-Powered Core Logging

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